Paul Main Man vs The Ultimate Warrior

I was on Youtube for the first time in a while and I was disgusted to see the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior trash talking each other and making comments on roids.

Now Paul Main Man has always been an advocate of pure clean natural bodybuilding unlike those mutated muscle heads who thrive financialy off those injections they are squirting into their arms. Do they think they have anything on Paul Main Man?  They don’t. I recently sent them a message on Youtube calling them out.

Ok I may be their junior by 10 years but I will still would have clean them up if they were my age. You see Paul Main Man is sick and tired of these ‘Roidfested’ has beens trying to talk trash, I don’t buy it, When Paul Main Man got into wrestling I didnt go  for acting, or for fame (I wasnt a jester), I got into the sport for the pure raw love for beating the pulp out of my opponent. In South Africa we take no crap, we are Boer’s and we learnt how to fight against Lions my friend! I am planning to book a ticket to Vegas in the fall to meet these chumps in person. I want them to see Paul Main Man and my camera man (Paul Reuther) really step in their face and see if they stand up to the occasion.


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