response to my broadband

I recently got a message that some jerk offs in mybroadband forum were chatting complete and utter crap about me. I was almost going to take my pictures off the web because of the retarded things they did to them, but I’m from the gutters of Durban and I’m used to a little verbal touch and tickle, rough and tumble and they didn’t even do what they set out to achieve. I’m sure if any of them were in my presence they would bow down and kiss my boots.

At least one guy appreciated the fact that I walked in to Mr. Slennets company and got the attention of the females which made him really jealous. This is the link . So eat shit you tossers on mybroadband.

If you want the story, on that slennet guy, the kind of job he wanted me to do was ridiculous, couldnt even get me a cup of tea. i was at his office from 9am to 7pm when everyone had gone, but Telkom weren’t going to pay me for that were they. Anyway me and telkom are history and I’m focusing now on personal training, and my MMA. Headed to Vegas soon, going to buy the tickets this weekend so all you haters in mybroadband do one!

23 thoughts on “response to my broadband

  1. I hate to burst your little bubble numbnuts, but the article posted on SlickTiger is ripping you off completely, and its now all over the place, and everyone is having a good laugh at how much of an idiot you ACTUALLY are.

  2. Quoted:
    …touch and tickle…
    …couldnt even get me a cup of tea…

    real tough guy for a hooligan, mommy issues some…hope Vegas can make a showgirl out of you otherwise head for the strip, sure someones willing to pimp ur ass…

  3. Please post some updates, I get bored at work sometimes and this is always entertaining.
    I cant tell if you are joking or if you seriously believe the things you say.
    Either way keep your shirt on when you take pics, you look like someone’s “before” shot when they first start gymming.

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