response to my broadband #2

I check my emails this morning and I see that I have a flush of comments on my blog. I read them and they’re chucking abuse at me, there is only one place I knew they were coming from and I know it was coming fom that wanker Slennet. The story is finished mate! Leave it out, and all you fucknuts screw yourselves. You guys are jealous of me. Some of you guys didn’t like the fact that some one wrote about me on their blog and paid homage to the Main Man. you want to believe it was sarcasm but in his words im an oke who likes to klap it, and i do like klappin chicks! I’l be off to Vegas soon while some of you guys will still be behind your computers writing crap about me. it makes me feel good though knowing I have a following, even if you like me or not. The fact that I already have a fan base leads me to believe that I have a future in MMA.

A list of my biggest fans, I want to say thank you and Fuck you!

if I left you out know that I love you and probably want to do this to you. Have a good day.

9 thoughts on “response to my broadband #2

  1. Wow.. you TOTALLY cartwheel’d him out! I’d hate to run into you and your hoola-hoop in the street. What other martial art weapons are you experienced with? The skipping rope, I bet!

  2. Ok, so you love ppl who aren’t on the list and want to do spastic cartwheels in a ring with another half dressed man

    You really need to come out of the closet and admit that you like the cock.

  3. Don’t listen to these poefs PMM… give them stick in Vegas my boychay.. Show those orange oragutangs how it’s done! Keep KLAPPINGg it!

  4. Paul, why the fuck are you talking smack about me on your blog? I was in Vegas but at a totally different venue. If we meet in the ring, I will rip you to pieces. Change your article or be prepared.

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