The Main Man touch

I recently got accused of being a Biggot but one of my wifes friends said she watched the video I posted and decided to judge me. it was sent to me by a mate and i just found it hilarious. The people who know the real Paul Mainlen know that I am not a sexist pig, I believe in love not war between the sexes. She started probing me with questions about my views on women, i knew what she was getting at so I got straight between the eyes and told her that she was hanging out on my website. She was startelled like a dear that has the scope in its sites and she tried to brush it over by saying she was keeping up with us guys. Bollocks! She was perving on my site reading what I’m up to. She is probably reading this now but I couldn’t give a monkey! Since I started going into natural body building and had an keen interest into MMA I noticed the belters are starting to lap me up silly. I think they like the Paul Main Man Alter ego, sorry Sue if you’re reading this, no offence intended I know your an avid fan 😉 . I’m just glad my wife see’s the funny side of all this, or I would obviously be in a lot of trouble. Now I can challenge the ultimate warrior but I can’t challenge my wife. for now I leave you with a video to remind you of me.

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