mybb thread officially closed. Win

what did I tell you my Okes! When Paul Main Man lays the smack down he lays the smack down. Those Charnars thought they could gossip on mybb about a BOSS well guess what. Paul main man didn’t get invited to that party, but he crashed it! And sent all the little punks home. For all of you fans who don’t know, you need to read a few posts back and get a catchup, for all of mky avid followers. SMACk, thread is closed. Thats right your boychay Paul laid a brick on all of those forum fannies. All I needed to do is just speak to ****** and the thread got closed. Once again guys I want to leave you with a video, to let you know, im not the kind of boychay to klap with!

22 thoughts on “mybb thread officially closed. Win

  1. I’ll ask again

    Are you really that retarded?

    A new thread will be created, and it will be more EPIC.

    You are a douche and you could never klap any belters… numbnuts

  2. Between that Neanderthal behaviour and your intelligence quotient of a 3 day dead rabid dog I am amazed you can even get out of bed in the morning.

    Let me put it into monkey speak so you can also understand “charna”

    Welcome to the internet boytjie.
    your girly tantrums and pussy behaviour mean nothing here meathead.

    get back to those roids (or possibly stop them before you hurt yourself), get laid (male preference from what I have read) and stop being a douche on the web or expect more of the same if not worse.

    Have fun stressing about what the next swing will be in a ring where you either make friends or fight shadows.

    Metaphotical black eyes hurt when they pop those ego bubbles ne…

  3. Paul, you have some serious issues. Just look at your life. Its sad, and its ending soon. Your body is a joke just like you. You’ve failed outright in life and now you’re heavily deluded (not sure if you know what that means, but look it up). You’re a thief, you’re a failed body builder/boxer/mma fighter (which ever you believe you are), and you have nothing besides your kids to live for. For their sake, die now 🙂

  4. F’in A man. YEAAAAH!!! Whoooooooo….dumbass. I am gonna post this stupid post of yours all over the net so people can see what a chop you really are

  5. Whats up Boychay Smurf…

    Gonna have to get photos of you all painted blue before a “fight” and post them everywhere… I see a new internet meme on the rise…

  6. Pretty sad you use crying to the forum owner as a win. Sad old man, we’ll keep the campaign going, think some international attention of you stupidty will give you the motivation not t be such a tool.

    /off to post links to every other forum

  7. For the sake of your children, stop.

    Your kids friends will find this soon enough.

    Manning up requires knowing you have done something wrong, perhaps it is time for you to apologise for your pathetic tantrums in other peoples work environments, it’s the only way you could possibly stop the viral meme you have inadvertently seeded.

    btw, you better go looksee at mybb. you “closed” a red herring.

    • My kids are proud of their dad. You sir are pathetic to come on this website spreading drivel about me. Where is your moral backbone, why couldn’t you support me in myBB, oh ye I forgot, your ethics ran away. You stabbed me in the back, so much for friends!

  8. Don’t slag Mybb bro. If not for My broadband, you wouldn’t be so well known. I mean, if you said South African and MMA, I think of someone like say…
    Mike Barnardo
    I’ve heard of him.

    But kudos for putting your family first – that counts as points in my books.

    • i don;t need fame from myBB, and I never went to myBB for fame, it was someone trashing me about my profesional work life. i had fans long before myBB, so i don’t know where you are getting off thinking I’m new in the game. believe me.

  9. Oh, I believe you Paul. You’re not new in the game, you’re an old ballie. Wasn’t saying you’re new. Perhaps you have some vids of your fights or fight stats somewhere? That said, it’s not a big deal to not be the best at something – we can’t all be the best, but slagging others off doesn’t win fans.

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