Porn$tar likes wood

let me give you guys a brief intro. I decided to confront mybb yesterday and call a truce. Seems like the tide was still against me, however Paul main man doesn’t back off, and he plays hard. One of the main culprets of my attack is a maggot called porn$tar. Here it is all my boychays!

Don’t you just hate it when Charnas act all innocent, like they are clean and dandy and think they can judge and insult people, well there is always one, and this one is called porn$tar . A little about him, he likes to spend his time browsing mybb for controversial threads to basicly troll. Any dodgy thread you can think of in the forum and no doubt he will be there. Well, who is he? Thanks to someone on mybb they told me how to find out about people’s old posts. Thanks for the PM ****** I just found what I knew I was going to find. Seems like our Oke porn$star is a dope head. When he rolls one up he likes to get rid of the wood and seeds, I’m not sure if he was trying to get rid of the seeds from the wood, but I will like to imagine he was talking about being a drugy, and a low life. Shocking posts, by a not so shocking crack head.

Talking about wood, seems this guy finds it hard to get one, he likes to admit to taking Viagra, I’m not sure if it’s because his girlfriend is a right munter, or the fact that I’m klapping her, and that his mojo is just getting sucked out of his soul. Man up!

Seems like this guy loves some wood. Can you see a pattern here? His akward years were between 12 and 16, I wonder why? actually let me not wonder, atleast now he gets morning wood, I’m not sure from which bloke, but I hope it isn;’t as akward as it was back then.

Last but not least, we have him making a confession. Lets just hope this guy doesn’t end up accidently having kids.

21 thoughts on “Porn$tar likes wood

  1. well paul, don’t forget that this is what you posted:

    “**** off you prick, how about you man up and challenge me yourself, in fact message your boyfriends and tell them you will join in to. I would eat you all up for breakfast. You think you can scare me! I dont even want to make it big in SA. My goal is USA you charnar, so go do one on your mum, boychay! the prick who left his number in the forum, has some balls, I have to mention he is the only **** in this forum that has the kind of balls i respect, but I will knock him out a new arsehole when I call it and arrange to get dirty with him. im going to beat the crap out of him and make him sleep in my bed naked! Don’t mess with me”

    Some might call you a sick old man with serious dementia.

  2. and btw, great role model you’re turning out to be for your two daughters. I feel so sorry for them, having to go through life with a dad like you…

  3. So Paull, you like banging guy’s boyfriends and “get dirty” with another guy’s arsehole? How long into your marriage did you realise you were queer? Have you told your daughter’s yet?

  4. 1. Pick up 5kg dumb bell
    2. Try very hard to get 5kg weight past groin area
    3. Put down dumb bell on toes, and swear
    4. Drink beer
    5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 as often as you need to.

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