Visiting old friends

So I went on to Mybb and found a bunch of charnas still hating on me. They don’t get it do they. They are asking for trouble obviously. The fact is I am now pushing 240lb on a bench press. I am also curling 30kg’s on one arm and I can bet I can sweep away their old ladies with my little finger.


I find it shocking that they still talk about me on these forums. They clearly need to get a life. I have been following new techniques in my MMA style, that is why I needed some downtime from my blog all my boychays. I have been following Fedor Emelianenko who is a real boychay behind the ropes, he puts it down like a proper Okey!


Anyway, I need to go out to get some groceries, so I want to leave a fuck you to the Charnars on MyBB!



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