Visiting old friends


So I went on to Mybb and found a bunch of charnas still hating on me. They don’t get it do they. They are asking for trouble obviously. The fact is I am now pushing 240lb on a bench press. I am also curling 30kg’s on one arm and I can bet I can sweep away their old ladies with my little finger.


I find it shocking that they still talk about me on these forums. They clearly need to get a life. I have been following new techniques in my MMA style, that is why I needed some downtime from my blog all my boychays. I have been following Fedor Emelianenko who is a real boychay behind the ropes, he puts it down like a proper Okey!


Anyway, I need to go out to get some groceries, so I want to leave a fuck you to the Charnars on MyBB!





I have been at the gym benching 200lb now, it feels great to have my arms bulging and the belters drooling. Jumped on the creatine and i have a 5 week course, some people have messaged me and said how do you do it naturally. I’m not a doctor but I will tell you how I did it.

1.Good diet


3.Whey protein shake

4.Creatine lots of red meat and fish

Thats all you need. It will take time, but you have to be patient in this game, as pain = gain. i know the belters love the guns but dont ever feel you are benching for them, make sure you are doing it because you want to feel good inside. I tell you something, the girlz my boy chays are into confidence, even when I weighed 19 stones of fat i was still picking them up, because they know I’m the man. That’s how I met my Eileen, some compare us to Marge and Homer Simpson, Not anymore, now I’m seen as Conan without the long hair, ;D . keep it up guys!

I just lost the money I made, Sheesh


Guys, I just got back to the hotel and I’m drunk and i lost all the money I made on the weekend! I had over $2500 and lost it all on a game of black jack. I cant believe this? To make matters worse I tried to locate the ultimate warrior at the Bellagio’s where he was meant to be staying, the ass hole wasnt there, I can imagine he was in some gym shooting up. I like it here in Vegas, everyone is happy, even though I’m down all of my money I still feel I’m in the right place to be. just told my wife to wire me over some dosh through western union so that should come tommorow. Guys, Paul is gathering video footage of this whole trip so when we get back he said his son would edit it and then I can upload it to YouTube. I had a lot of private messages from fans who are following me through my blog and Youtube and I am going to answer some of the questions here. I want to say a big thank you to Slicktiger for all the support you have given me, you are a true boychay and would love to meet you if and when I get back mate. I also want to respond to Hannah from Lisbon Australia, I havent yet visited australia, but want to and I’m not sure my wife would let me stay round yours, lol ;). What was really deep and meaningful to me was that someone on mybb sent me a message and it touched me, I don’t want to mention who it is but I will copy and paste the message.

Hi Paul Main Man,

I want to say I am deeply sorry for what I did on the mybb forum, what I did was wrong, I guess I felt because some of the other memebers were judging you and speaking ill of you I though it was funny. Anyway, I want to say I am deeply sorry. i guess the more I started following you on your blog i realised that you have a solid cause against steriods which is decent, I’m not sure if those allegations are true or not about you, but I guess I have started to become a fan, I look forward to you keeping us updated about Vegas.

Once again sorry


Paul Main Man OUT!

Roid junky at the gym


Hi my fans, how are you guys. Just hit the gym and saw a roid head. I said to myself ‘leave it Paul don’t talk to him about it’ but I thought NO! Paul Main Man is all about being straight forward and striking between the eyes. this is the dialogue.

Me: You alright mate, just want a few words

Roidhead: Ye what you want mate!

Me: Do you know who I am mate?

Roidhead: No, who are ya!

Me: I’m Paul Main Man, MMA wrestler, natural bodybuilder, with a fan base and I’m over 50! How old are you?

Roidhead: 34

Me: Mate, You don’t want to be doing that mate, you have your whole life ahead of you.

Roidhead: Whats your point mate?

Me: Pack in the roids, I saw you shoot some in your arm.

Roidhead: Fuck off!

Me: I’m going vegas next week so I’ll pretend you never said that, mate it will ruin you.

Roidhead: I’ve got a competition in 2 weeks

Me: Mate I have a blog, encouraging natural body building

Roidhead: ye?!

Me: its

Roidhead: fuck off mate, i read something from there

Me: Ye mate, it’s my blog

Roidhead: nice work mate

Me: go on it and check it out, you want to come off that stuff

when I walked away I felt glee and petty. Gleeful that this bloke went on to my blog and petty that he had to shoot up. Its not worth it guys, not worth it!